Name of Work: Is it green on the other side?

Repurposed solid wood / 48”w x 16”d x 48”h

About the Work:
soft-geometry reimagines their solid wood donut as a solitary outdoor window, offering a constricted view and passage to the other side. The sculptural adaptation invokes the window as a symbol of this moment in time, simultaneously separating and connecting people and masses, and present to (an uncertain) future.

The piece physically both obstructs and opens, and depending on the viewer and the moment, a shifting gaze through its oculus frames new perspectives, hope and fear.

About the Studio:
Soft-geometry is a collaborative design studio creating furniture and home objects around a central theme of softness. Co-founders Utharaa Zacharias and Palaash Chaudhary look to employ slowness, craft, intimacy and humor as agents of empathy between objects and people, often deriving new ways of making and seeing from the rich visual culture and hand-crafts of their hometowns in India.