Name of Work: offering stool : Morgan and Ingraham

Cast aluminum

About the Work:
This series is called offering stools, featuring the Morgan and the Ingraham. It is the result of me seeing fish embellishments in metal, found on the sidewalk-corner grates where drainage runs in New York. Each stool varies in the form of different imprints taken from around New York neighborhoods. They can be seen as a religious observation, a continuous act that is part of consciously living and existing within one’s surroundings; likewise, they are questions, frankly asking why some drainage covers are ordained with different fish emblems. This notion of questioning and observation has led to an abstraction of classical usage for the stool. It prompts us into a shifted perception of everyday objects, challenging us to consider how they are a part of an ongoing narrative of the relationship between us and our surroundings.

About the Studio:
Walter Mingledorff considers design a “practice in observation” stimulated by everyday shapes, materials, and occurrences. Collecting imprints from the ins-and-outs of daily surroundings, he endeavors to create moments of new understanding through his work. His practice involves curating what he sees into a new dialect through research and material exploration. Walter designs through a filter of abstraction, avoiding predefined functions and letting color, material, form, and the environment collage themselves into new works.