Name of Work: Origami Seating installation

Deep indigo mirror anodized aluminum, cast glass, plants / 80”w x 80”l x 34”h

About the Work:
Designed to bring nature into an unnatural setting – and/or, conversely, to bring the built environment into a natural setting – the Origami Seating Installation is an expansion on a design language that Trey Jones Studio has been working with for several years. In this iteration, the folded metal plant vessels become more inviting by incorporating seating surfaces. The installation provides spaced-out seating with plant barriers allowing for distanced interaction in an unsure world.

About the Studio:
Trey Jones Studio is a contemporary furniture design studio based in Washington, D.C. that offers an atelier collection of furniture as well as custom pieces. The studio’s design work focuses on craft, artistry, functionality and sustainability.