Name of Work: Fracture Bird Bath

White broken plaster (Hydrostone), polished cast aluminum bowl / 18”dia x 29"h

About the Work:
When Quebec went into shut down in the beginning of the pandemic, I spent more time outdoors than I had in years. The birdbath felt like an object that could only exist in the context of this slower life. It begs for you to be outside, to be calm and patient, waiting for the most natural and ephemeral of spectacles. My work normally consists of functional works for interiors, with references to the outdoors – but this moment in time, we are not indoors. The Fracture Birdbath is an extension of the vocabulary developed for my Fracture Mirror, using slices of smashed plaster, referencing the sedimentary stone in the environment where I work and live.

About the Studio:
Simon Johns is a fine arts-trained designer living and working in the secluded woods of East-Bolton in southern Quebec, Canada. Illustrating a conversation between the fabricated and the elemental, Simon creates one-off and limited edition pieces of sculptural furniture and lighting. His work is a product of observing and living with the pure and raw shapes of his surroundings.