Name of Work: Akopechtli Komali

Black clay, terracotta clay, and porcelain / 20”dia x 19"h

About the Work:
The Akopechtli Komali table is the result of the collaborative efforts of Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens and Elena Boils. The initial design of this object as a side table was inspired by the round shape and the thin edges of the Comal. The Comal is a round, flat object used for cooking tortillas, vegetables, or meat on top of a fire. There is much to say about the Comal: there are many myths, symbolisms, and traditions linked to this object in Mexican culture. The Comal is sometimes referred to as the womb of a mother, where the essential ingredients come together to give birth to humanity (corn being the most important; many indigenous Mexican societies called themselves “children of corn”). Referring to this symbolic conjunction, the center of the table is designed with an indent in which to put whatever is precious to you, whatever you would like to see embraced and warmed by the table – akin to placing food inside the Comal. The cylindrical base is wrapped with intricate decorations inspired by both Mexican Pre-Hispanic forms and early modernist Mexican design.

About the Studio:
Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens and Elena Boils met in Mexico City during their school years. They share a similar background, having been brought up by dual-nationality parents: Sebastián being Dutch-Mexican, and Elena being English-Mexican. These identities have been prevalent throughout their work in their respective creative practices.