Name of Work: Balance Vase

Copper, blue patina / 72”w x 24”d x 36”h

About the Work:
This piece, which I plan to eventually fabricate physically, is a large-scale version of my copper, patinated Balance Vase. For this year’s virtual show I collaborated with my friend and fellow designer Samuel Walther-Battista to create renderings that position the vessels in both domestic and exterior landscapes. With this new digital platform I was able to dream a little bigger, and to imagine my vases in larger contexts. These renderings explore how scale and environment inform our perception of the vessels.

About the Studio:
Sarah Sears is a jewelry designer and metalsmith based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After studying at NSCAD University (BFA 2013) she launched her jewelry line, Sarah Sears Jewelry. In recent years, her work has begun to include larger-scale objects and furniture design in copper, brass and wood.