Name of Work: 1014 Chair

Marine-grade plywood / 21.5"w x 30.5"d x 36.75"h

About the Work:
The 1014 Chair is a modular chair that functions in multiple seating configurations when placed in different orientations. Originally designed for interior use at a forward-thinking cultural institution, the chair is meant to engage users, and promote a dynamic and multi-functional use of space. Designed for both reclining and conversing, the 1014 Chair becomes a playful element when brought outside. The chair rotates into four positions, serving as an upright seat, lounge chair, stool, recliner and even as a bench, depending on the user’s preference. First made from stained marine-grade plywood, further iterations of the design meant for exterior spaces implement materials such as roto-molded polyethylene and powder-coated aluminum.

About the Studio:
Ravi Raj and  Mike Jozewicz are architects and designers with emerging design studios located in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, respectively. Having met originally in architecture school at Washington University in St. Louis, the creative relationship spans 20 years. The two share many interests as designers, including residential design and small-scale interventions, craft and fabrication, and cross-cultural exchange.