Name of Work: Conversations

Powder-coated steel, Sunbrella acrylic knit jersey fabric / 144"dia x 44"h

About the Work:
Conversations seating is a dialogue between designers, between disciplines, and between anyone who uses the chairs – which can be moved into several different configurations. This quintet of conjoined woven seats is, when arranged in a circle, the ultimate group unifier. Each section of knit fabric in between the chairs is set to allow each seat to be 6-feet apart – instead of guessing at the correct social distance, the connectors are designed to do it for you. The seats also allow for people to get farther away or closer, to sit in a line, or to create any other idiosyncratic arrangement, maintaining a physical connection for any desired proximities. Conversations is the newest iteration in an ongoing series of pieces Allen and Collins have produced since 2014. It was then that they first met at a residency in Maine, became fast friends, and discovered many shared sensibilities. They subsequently started collaborating on occasional furniture and lighting projects, and are happy to have this exhibition as an opportunity to propose a now-even-more timely and resonant idea to the world.

About the Studio:
Liz Collins works fluidly between art and design, with emphasis and expertise in textile media. Embracing abstraction, optics, and extreme material contrasts, Collins explores the boundaries between painting, fiber arts and installation, intuitively laying bare expressions of energy, emotion, and the viscereality of Existence.

Harry Allen established his design consultancy, Harry Allen Design, in 1993. Since then he has designed furniture, lighting, products, packaging and interiors for an illustrious roster of clients. Harry’s work has won awards, is in many collections (including New York City’s MoMA ), and is featured regularly in the media. Harry Allen does not underestimate his audience; his systematic design approach and long-standing interest in art and new materials have led to some of the most innovative and intelligent designs on the market today.