Name of Work: Exquisite Cube

Painted MDF / 9 cubes at 16"w x 16"d x 16"h

About the Work:
Exquisite Cube is an interactive seating element that can easily be moved into myriad configurations. This allows participants to modify their seating to their current needs – for example, adjusting proximity to others, increasing or decreasing the amount of seating available, modifying the seating type to accommodate lying down or lounging, or even moving the whole seating element to a different location or to interact with adjacent contexts. With a custom graphic applied on every face, each new configuration allows for the development of not only new experiences and vantage points, but also new relationships.

About the Studio:
Kyle May, Architect is an architectural practice based in Brooklyn, NY. The studio’s work ranges from custom fabricated furniture and components to ground-up architecture. Lauren Hunter is an artist based in Austin, TX whose work currently explores large-scale graphic representations of light, color, and surface.