Name of Work: Wave Bench

Steel, heat-treated and red oxide patina / 70"w x 16"d x 27"h

About the Work:
Wave Bench studies the tension existing between our human desire for social connection and the physical distance required by the global pandemic. Rolled sheets of steel curl and peel away, capturing the dynamic duality of cresting waves and the calm spaces between them. When engaging with the piece, sitters are invited to embody these same emotional contrasts, experiencing the ebb and flow of connection and distance, excitement and relaxation.

About the Studio:
Kin & Company is a Brooklyn-based design and fabrication studio established by cousins Joseph Vidich and Kira de Paola. Grounded in precision and strong attention to detail, Kin & Company’s award-winning designs embrace dramatic, curvilinear silhouettes and elegant transformations of steel, stone, and glass. Their collections explore simple yet expressive geometric forms paired with rich surface textures. Armed with a wealth of knowledge in metal fabrication and a commitment to centering materiality, Kin & Company contributes a fresh and multi-layered approach to minimalist design.