Name of Work: SWAY

Bent wood, foam, leather/maharam fabric / 32”w x 18”d x 10”h

About the Work:
As we seek more comfort, we end up lounging on the ground in our living rooms, or simply sitting in the grass in a park. Created as a response to these circumstances, SWAY is a portable seat that functions as a playful swing, letting you rock from side to side. Loosely referencing Verner Panton’s Flying Chair, it plays with the individual’s balance, and balance in every way is what designer Kickie Chudikova strives for in all her work. Designed pre-pandemic, SWAY is a seat for one person. However, hypothesizing groupings of these swings gives us the opportunity to envision the creation of many distanced, safe happy moments in communal movement.

About the Studio:
Kickie Chudikova designs products, objects, furniture and lighting out of her Brooklyn studio. Her work can be defined as a balance between function and beauty, with color playing an important role in all her creations.