Name of Work: Flo Stool

Solid surface countertop material / 16”w x 15”d x 17.5”h

About the Work:
Flo is an indoor/outdoor stool made of a single piece of thermoformed solid surface material, which is traditionally used for countertops. Because of that more typical application, the solid surface is durable, weather-proof, and has a stone-like feel. Used for this design, its folds and curves create a structural base and a comfortable seat, giving Flo an engaging, sculptural form. Using only one piece of material eliminates the need for traditional connections and joinery, which simplifies the fabrication process and amplifies the stool's one-of-a-kind character and construction.

About the Studio:
Ford Bostwick is an artist and designer based in Brooklyn. His work is material-focused, and he strives to make simple forms without sacrificing character or originality.