Name of Work: Sadie

Fabric-cast concrete / 84”x 84”d x 60”h

About the Work:
Creteur furniture is made through lightly controlled physical actions, with the intent of allowing gravity to influence the form. The process creates something imperfect, offering it complete uniqueness. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, with zoomorphic characteristics in its texture and posture. It appears as a living thing within its environment, enabling a user-dialogue that is more of a conversation than a statement. At a distance, it appears as a large, soft cushion. Intrigue draws people in, and they are struck with confusion, disgust, or fascination upon interacting with the solid, unmalleable body of the Creteur furniture.

About the Studio:
Creteur began as a graduate school project, initially investigating implied softness and perceived character through fabric-formed concrete creatures. While the study of texture and posture still form the core of the studio’s research, Creteur has evolved into an umbrella for experimentation in media ranging from Fashion to Architecture.