Inside~Out, the second annual exhibition of outdoor design curated by Kin & Company, is premiering 40+ new works from emerging and established independent designers. Originally conceived as an interactive design show highlighting social engagement, the 2020 works are instead presented virtually within otherworldly landscapes created by the artist Duyi Han.

In the absence of their human counterparts, the virtual works, ranging from functional to conceptual, take on an ephemeral perspective. The pandemic has isolated us from each other, asking us to reconsider the meaning of connection and community, and forcing us all to re-envision the role of design today, tomorrow and for the months to come.

Live show here

Left to right: Kickie Chudikova / Naomi Clark / Teruko Kushi / Charles Osawa / Slash Objects

Left to right: Daniel Michalik / Bailey Fontaine / Lynn Lin / Ravi Raj & Mike Jozewicz

Left to right: Evan Z. CraneAtang Tshikare (top left) / soft-geometry / Bjarke Ballisager / Humble Matter (top right)

Left to right: Trey Jones Studio / Ford Bostwick (front) / Duyi Han / Micah Rosenblatt

Left to right: Iliad Design / Walter Mingledorff / Kyle May & Lauren Hunter / Liz Collins & Harry Allen

Left to right: Yuko Nishikawa / Birnam Wood Studio / Maryam Turkey / Kin & Company

Left to right: Gregory Beson / Simon Johns / Erickson Aesthetics / Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens & Elena Boils

Left to right: Sarah Sears / Zay Michele Studios (front) / Creteur / The Urban Conga

Left to right: Malcolm Majer / Michael Yarinsky / Arcana / J McDonald / George Zeigler